General Practitioners

General Practitioners 2017-06-30T14:36:42+00:00

Pacific Smiles afford all the necessary resources to enable Dentists to provide optimal dental services to patients.

Operating as a self employed Dentist allows you to focus on your clinical practice and patient care, not practice management.

The Pacific Smiles business model enables practitioners to;

  • Devote their working time to patient treatment
  • Retain independence over their clinical decision making
  • Operate a practice with no up-front investment in premises, equipment or inventory
  • Deliver clinical services to patients in well-maintained, well-managed professional centres that comply with all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Earn substantially more income through efficiency improvements
  • Maximise quality of life through more personal time
  • Participate in an in-house program of practice development and support
  • Seek opportunities as Lead Practitioner as new Centres are developed
  • Practice across one or more centres to increase earning potential and provide variety.

Experienced practitioners aligned with Pacific Smiles’ values and philosophies are always welcome.