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Pacific Smiles engages Dental Prosthetists via a Service and Facility Agreement, similar to General Practitioners.

The Pacific Smiles business model enables Prosthetists to;

  • Build relationships with a large number of general and specialist practitioners
  • Access established patient bases
  • Devote their working time to patient treatment
  • Retain independence over their clinical decision making
  • Operate a practice with no up-front investment in premises
  • Operate a practice with minimal (often none) investment in equipment or inventory
  • Deliver clinical services to patients in well maintained, well managed professional Centres that comply with all applicable legislation and regulations
  • Maximise quality of life through more personal time
  • Practice across one or more centres to increase earning potential and provide prosthetist dental services to regional hubs.
  • Maximise the Aussie lifestyle through more personal time
  • Practice across one or more Centres