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You nominate how much or how little you plan to work. This allows you to manage your life/work balance and spend time with family and friends or pursuing personal hobbies or investments. As you only pay for the facilities and services when you use them, you incur no charges while you are enjoying your own free time. Depending on surgery availability, you may select your days in practice to suit yourself.
Having established the days that you wish to work, you can devote your work hours to clinical services to patients. This maximises professional satisfaction and earnings as your day is not punctuated by management issues and administration hassles.
With an improved life balance and a working life sharply focused on clinical services, you will experience a far lower stress level than dentists who are trying to juggle the complexities of running a dental centre with the demands of providing clinical services. You will have the benefit of a true walk-in-walk-out clinical practice with solid patient flow where all of the administration, organisation, promotion, supplies procurement and maintenance are taken care of.
Importantly, you will retain your clinical independence and autonomy. When you base your practice at a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles, you do not sacrifice your clinical preferences or treatment planning. On the contrary, by basing your practice in a larger Dental Centre, you are able to focus if you wish, in clinical niches that are of particular interest to you.
You will also benefit from the gregarious, friendly team environment that exists in Dental Centres operated by Pacific Smiles. Having other dentists in close proximity allows you the opportunity to discuss complex cases, review treatment plans, learn new techniques and enjoy the companionship of like-minded professionals. Having specialists within the Dental Centres allows extended views for complex treatment plans.
Internal professional networking can lead to a rapid up skilling in the clinical niche of the dentists own choosing. This is further driven by the commitment of Pacific Smiles to both in-house and external dentist education, both of which are subsidised by Pacific Smiles.
With good life balance, less stress, clinical focus and autonomy in a supportive environment, dentists are well placed to enjoy excellent financial returns on their working hours. Administrative work doesn’t pay anywhere near as well as dentistry, so why waste your valuable time on tasks and duties that are not as financially rewarding as the clinical procedures for which you spent all those years studying. By basing your practice in a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles, you’ll also have control of your own finances and superannuation.
One of the downsides of running your own Dental Centre is that the profit earned often has to be put back into the business to keep up to date with equipment, fittings and fixtures. Patients increasingly judge a dentist on the quality of the rooms and equipment. By basing your practice at a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles, the responsibility for ongoing investments in high quality fittings, fixtures and equipment rests with Pacific Smiles, not the practitioner.
Most investment advisors will tell you that the key way to minimise risk is to hold a diversified portfolio of investments. Dentists with their own Dental Centres are often at risk of being over-exposed to one investment asset. This risk is amplified by the increasing difficulty of selling existing practices to younger dentists, many of whom seek to retain some independence and flexibility in their working life, rather than being tied down to one Dental Centre.
In an increasingly complex and litigious world, it is essential that every Dental Centre is run in strict compliance with Australian and International Standards and Local, State and Federal laws and regulations. This includes procedures related to infection control, Work, Health and Safety, patient confidentiality, trade practices, industrial relations, taxation, marketing and promotion and almost every other aspect of managing a Dental Centre. Dentists who base their practice at a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles can relax in the knowledge that all of our Dental Centres are run in compliance with the plethora of standards, rules and regulations.
Unlike the situation that exists for a dentist in solo practice or even an associate dentist in a small partnership, those dentists who base their practice at a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles do have the opportunity to take on the role of mentor to younger dentists or possibly an advisory role on a Clinical Committee called the Clinical Review Committee.
All of these points combined allow you to live your life the way that you want to. Dentists who base their own practice at a Dental Centre operated by Pacific Smiles are never again dogged by financial business planning, negative cash-flow, difficult employees, equipment break-downs, computer malfunctions, and a total lack of personal time.