Clinical Review Committee

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Delineation of Clinical and Non-Clinical Management

The Pacific Smiles structure features a very clear delineation of clinical and non-clinical management and both streams have their own peak committees to which matters can be referred. Pacific Smiles has clearly delineated non-clinical management and clinical management to avoid potential conflicts which may arise in the absence of such effective demarcation. This clear distinction is illustrated as follows;

  • Dentists use the services and facilities provided by Pacific Smiles subject to the terms and conditions of a Service and Facility Agreement (SFA). The Service and Facility Agreement transparently sets-out the rights and obligations of each party, other terms and conditions, plus the calculation basis of the Service Fee.
  • Dentists provide dental services to patients through their own autonomous clinical practice, subject only to general, high-level Clinical By-Laws which are established and modified under the auspices of the Clinical Review Committee (CRC), a body which is distinct from the company’s Management Board and which is comprised of Clinical Practitioners and the CEO.

This structure ensures that it is the dentists themselves who establish the clinical norms and practices, rather than the non-Dentist Executive Management.


Clinical Review Committee

The Clinical Review Committee (CRC) comprises the Clinical Governance Manager, the Practitioner Services Manager, Senior Practitioners, Chief Executive Officer and an appointee of Pacific Smiles.

The CRC meets no less than four times per year and a quorum comprises three members.

The CRC functions as;

  • The formal organisational structure through which the clinical views of the dentists shall be formulated and communicated.
  • The peak committee responsible for formulating clinical policy & procedures and advising the Pacific Smiles Management Board.
  • A reviewer of clinical outcomes, complaints and patient care.
  • A disseminator of clinical ideas amongst the dentists.
  • An investigator and evaluator of new procedures and materials.
  • A communicator with Pacific Smiles Central Management & Board of Directors.
  • The reviewer of orientation programs for new dentists.
  • A forum for dentists to seek assistance in treatment plans and allow dentists from within the group to seek suggestions with, and/or present, any clinical issue or difficult cases.
  • The coordinator of a continuing education program for dentists.